Zinger Slinger

Slinger trucks allow for the placement of material on the job without the need of other equipment. Our truck is a 6 wheel drive truck which allows for us to get into places that others may not be capable of. We can haul up to 20 tons.

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  • P-gravel

  • Crushed Blacktop

  • Topsoil

  • Sand

  • #2 Crushed stone

  • And More!

We can design you a complete plumbing system to code. It can usually be achieved with just as simple as a floor layout. We will draw an Isometric layout with the DWV and water systems sized for your needs. Our design team will work with the owners and architect to achieve the most economical system while not losing performance. Call or email us today to get started on your project.

new construction design build


We have the capability to dig our own plumbing trenches and haul out the spoils. We have multiple machines to accomplish many different task. Our mini excavator is small enough to fit through door ways of buildings to allow for removal of material. Yet our backhoe gives us the capabilities to install storm, water and sewer mains. we are licensed to do so within the city of Columbus, Ohio. We are always obtaining more licenses to be able to work in more areas.

Material removal/ hauling

Got dirt that needs hauled away? Call us today for a quote on having spoils removed from your site. Need gravel delivered? We can do that too! Call us today for a quote on gravel whether it be for your drive way or your construction sight. We have multiple trucks and equipment to fit your needs.

Need Compost for your garden? We sell fresh compost by the skid steer bucket load or we can deliver 7 yards at a time.

We hold a license in the state of Ohio which allows us to install limited area sprinkler heads in mechanical rooms and other areas in need.

limited area sprinkler heads

Auxiliary meters allow for the use of water without being charged sewer or storm fees. These are great for people whom have gardens in the inner city that must water them during the hot summer months. Call us today for a quote to get one installed!

auxiliary meter systems